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ArtPrize Grand Rapids 2018

artprizeinstallationI am so excited to announce that I am showing a small installation of work for ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, MI. The whole city of Grand Rapids is transformed during ArtPrize into a huge art venue. There is art EVERYWHERE! It is an honor to be participating in this event, I am very grateful. I am just so excited for so many people to see my work! My work is in a wonderful and yummy Thai restaurant,  Bangkok Taste Cuisine

My installation is called “Where I Remain.” It’s inspired by my family farm in Pentwater, Michigan. It’s a place that my family has lived since the early 1900s but the property dates back to about the 1840s. The farm has been a significant place in my life and retains many personal memories as well as memories of happenings before my time there. “Where I Remain” tries to make physical representations of intangible emotions. The house itself is displayed with plates containing imagery from my own memories and stories. The two wolf spirit weavings are carriers of emotions. One wolf is woven using pieces of my Grandmother’s scarves and the other has a continuous thread running through it’s back representing the connection to place. I have moved a lot in my life but no matter where I call home a part of me will always remain at the farm.

You can view my entry and information here: TJ Schwartz ArtPrize entry

and you can find information about ArtPrize and other participating artists here: ArtPrize Website


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